Why Satelview

SATELVIEW DriverApp aims to control fleet by satellite and visualize in real time the exact position of your transport vehicle in an easy and safe way.

It also establishes direct communications of both written messages and voice messages with its drivers.

All the interface is designed with a good ergonomics of use that facilitates its handling and avoids distractions of the user.

Without complications. As simple as installing, registering and you will already be sending the position data of your vehicle to the system, which will be visible when the SATELVIEW service provider sends you a simple web link with your access.

SATELVIEW DriverApp is completely secure. Only authorized users can view the position of your load and at the time the application is closed, they will no longer be available to anyone.

If you wish to be a user of the SATELVIEW system, you can do so by contacting info@satelview.com or filling in the form http://satelview.com/index.php/registration/.